Follow-Up: Reactivity or Aggression (30 min)

This is a 30 min FOLLOW-UP consultation. You must also purchase (or have purchased) a 1 hour Behavior Consultation - Reactivity & Aggression.


Our experts will continue to help you work through issues such as fear, dog-dog reactivity, and most aggression cases. Because we are a non-profit, our rates are significantly less expensive than other consultation businesses:


We will also need a copy of up to date VACCINATION RECORDS for your dog, please e-mail a copy to



Client Testimonials

"I was very pleased with the openness to questions. The trainer understood my dog like no one else ever had."

"The trainer demonstrated to show me what I should do, and I liked being able to practice with other dogs around. The follow-up and notes were very helpful."

"It was comforting to learn that my dog's problems were not unique."

Follow-Up: Reactivity or Aggression (30 min)